5000 Poppy Project

Next year will see the 100th Commemoration of the commencement of World War One (WW1). The Australian and New Zealand solider who has become known as the ANZAC, has been immortalised into the Australian culture as a result of their heroic actions during this campaign. If you want to know more please head on over to the Australian War Memorial.

This post however is about a commemoration project that fellow crafters taking part in around the world. It’s called the 5000 Poppy Project. The ultimate aim is to created a field of poppies as a tribute to these men and women of WW1.

The project has been so well received that now they have almost reached an amazing 50 000 handmade poppies. As a crafter I jumped at the chance and as a teacher why not bring my students along for the ride.

So what did we create?

Cute hey! These poppies must be made of some form of fabric and must be able to attach for display, other than that we could design our poppy anyway.

What you need for a craft room/classroom.

Felt fabric in red and black
White pencil for tracing onto fabric
Split pins
Florist wire
Poppy pattern photocopied to A4 or the patterns from the project site.

1. Cut out the poppy pattern. (teaching bit, talk about why we have patterns, you know … so we can make multiple copies of the same thing)


2. Use the white pencil trace the poppy petals onto the red fabric and the circle element onto the black fabric. (more teaching … talk about using the fabric economically and having the least amount of wastage)


3. Carefully cut out each part of the poppy. (teaching stuff, how to use scissors and cutting without jagged edges … insert a sigh)


4. Fold each element in half and make a very small cut in the middle of each fold. Approximately 3mm cut. Then stack the elements. (plenty of math stuff here)


5. Push a split pin through the layers making sure the white outlines are on the back.

6. Now holding with the flower petals down squeeze the petals together to pop the back of the split pin up into your hand. Fold the florist wire around the back and twist together …. TIGHTLY. (teaching part, do yourself a favour and do the twisting yourself to make sure the flowers hold together)


7. Turn over and pull and tease the petals out. Flatten the poppy down making sure the florist wire is parallel to the petals. (teaching part, complete the submission form from the website to acknowledge your class effort)

Now time to box them up and send them off to our collection point.

Happy crafting !


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